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QuizArea enables you to download and print professional quizzes in the best tradition of a pub quiz.  Each printed quiz can be viewed online before you print it out and each one features bespoke details about you or your organization.  You can use our printed quizzes in pubs, clubs and sports facilities and they are ideal for charity fund raising events.  Visit Organizing Professional Quizzes to get some ideas about how to start.
Also, don't forget that quizzes are great for home entertainment.  With just a little time and patience you can learn to compile a bespoke quiz that is right for any occassion - all the questions and multiple choice answers are right here and you simply choose the ones you want.  Your family and friends will marvel at your new found skills.  The information at Organizing Family and Friends Quizzes will help to set you off in the right direction.

The best part is that it's all absolutely free! 
You have a choice about how involved you want to be with your quiz compilation - you can go the "Quick and Easy" route or the "Intricate" route.....
“Quick and Easy”!
If you have got little time to spend putting together a printed quiz then we have an area especially for you – our Ready-Made Quizzes page.   Here you will find a selection of several different quizzes that you can download and print (complete with bespoke details about you or your organization) within just a couple of minutes.  These compilations change every week and they have been put-together by us to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.
If you want to get more involved then you can have great fun putting together a printed quiz that is exactly right for your target audience.  It might be that you want your quiz to feature mainly sports questions, you might prefer the quiz to have an arts bias or then again you might want to focus on a particular hobby or entertainment.  Whatever your requirements we provide you, the quizmaster, with the means to select the sets of questions that match your needs.  The notes that follow should make you an expert in no time.
The Names we Give to Things
A quiz "Category" is a subject such as Books, Entertainment, Sports or News.
A quiz "Type" defines the way a quiz is played and we have 5 formats to choose from.
A quiz "Title" is the name of an actual quiz - every quiz contains 10 questions and has a unique title.  
A quiz “Compilation” is your ultimate goal – a collection of quiz Titles that are brought together to form your bespoke printout.  A quiz “Compilation” will typically contain 5 to 10 quiz Titles (a total of 50 to 100 questions).
Quiz Categories 
There are 25 Categories to choose from and each one contains all five quiz Types.  The categories are all displayed on the home page and also down the left hand side of all other pages.
Quiz Types
Each of our quizzes has 10 questions so you can rely on a simple consistency.  You will often come across the following line of links:
Multiple Choice  |  Pictures  |  Anagrams  | Ordered Lists  | Word Searches
Click the links above to see how each quiz looks - Each link takes you to a different quiz Type. 
Our most popular (and therefore most prolific) quizzes are Multiple Choice.   As quizmaster you can choose for your compilations to show:
a) Questions and their multiple choice answers
b) Questions only (NO multiple choice answers)
c) ONLY the multiple choice answers
Picture quizzes present 10 different pictures along with captions that need to be matched with the pictures.
Anagrams provide 10 different sets of letters to be re-arranged into words on the given theme.
Ordered Lists are our most difficult type of quiz - 10 items need to be arranged into their correct order – prices, dates, sizes etc.
Word Searches provide a grid in which the quiz-player needs to find the ten hidden words.
Quiz Titles
We try to make each quiz Title as self explanatory as possible.  You will see that each quiz Title has a number at the end of it just to make sure that it is unique.  For most practical purposes you can ignore this number.
If you happen to be organizing quizzes for the purpose of education then do please have a look at our education quizzes.com website where you will find loads of KS3 Quizzes
You might find it helpful to first print the .pdf file at Quiz Compilation using QuizArea - that way you will be able to compile a quiz without having to keep coming back to this page.
  1. Your quiz Compilation will consist of between 1 and 10 quiz Titles – you choose how many.

  2. You can view the questions in as many quiz Titles as you like.  You can add a Title to your compilation and then later decide to delete it again.

  3. To view a Title, click on a quiz Category on the left of the page, then click on the quiz Type that you are looking for.  At this point a list of all Titles in that section will be displayed for you and to view any one you simply click on “View” at the side of the Title.

  4. Whenever you find a quiz Title that you want to add to your compilation just click on “Collect” within the quiz.  Each time you collect a quiz Title you will be taken to the Compilation screen where you will see all the quiz Titles so far collected .

  5. Whenever you view a quiz Title that you don’t want to collect then move to another Title by going back to your previous page (using the back button in your browser) or by clicking on a quiz Category to look for another quiz.

  6. When you have collected the last quiz Title that you require you should click “Arrange your compilation” and follow the instructions on that screen.

  7. When you have arranged your compilation click on “Create title page” and follow the instructions on that screen.

  8. Lastly, click “Review and Complete” and again follow the instructions at that screen.

  9. Your printouts will be in two parts – “Questions” and “Questions with answers” and you can print each as many times as you like.  The entire compilation will be saved for you in Your Account and you can print it as often as you like in the future.

  10. If you encounter a problem then please feel free to call us (01406 371681) and we will be happy to talk you through any difficulties.