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This page lists the free, printable Music pub quizzes from QuizArea. Each quiz can be downloaded and printed along with quizzes on many other subjects. To view quizzes you first need to click on the row of links below this paragraph in order to select your Quiz Type. You will then be given a list of Music Quiz Titles from which you can choose whichever you like.
Another useful source of music material is the KS3 Music Revision section of the specialist KS3 website useful.

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Multiple Choice quizzes almost always form the bulk of a quiz compilation.  Each quiz consists of 10 questions and each question has 4 multiple choice answers.  In your capacity as the quizmaster you can choose from 3 different printouts for each quiz….  Firstly, questions printed with the multiple choice answers.  Secondly, questions printed without the multiple choice answers.  Thirdly, no questions - only the multiple choice answers.  Remember that quizzes become much more difficult if you choose not to provide multiple choice answers.
Difficulty levels: Easy difficulty_easy.gif    Medium difficulty_medium.gif    Difficult difficulty_hard.gif    Mixed difficulty_mixed.gif   

TitleDifficultyAddedDate UsedUsedOptions

Country Music 0001Country Music 000101.08.09View this Quiz

Country Music 0002Country Music 000201.08.09View this Quiz

Country Music 0003Country Music 000301.08.09View this Quiz

Country Music 0004Country Music 000401.08.09View this Quiz

ABRSM Piano Exam. 2009 - Grade 1 Composers 0001ABRSM Piano Exam. 2009 - Grade 1 Composers 000109.06.09View this Quiz

ABRSM Piano Exam. 2009 - Grade 1 Composers 0002ABRSM Piano Exam. 2009 - Grade 1 Composers 000209.06.09View this Quiz

ABRSM Piano Exam. 2009 - Grade 1 Pieces 0001ABRSM Piano Exam. 2009 - Grade 1 Pieces 000109.06.09View this Quiz

Blues Music 0001Blues Music 000101.02.09View this Quiz

Blues Music 0002Blues Music 000201.02.09View this Quiz

Blues Music 0003Blues Music 000301.02.09View this Quiz

Blues Music 0004Blues Music 000401.02.09View this Quiz

Folk Music 0001Folk Music 000101.02.09View this Quiz

Folk Music 0002Folk Music 000201.02.09View this Quiz

Folk Music 0003Folk Music 000301.02.09View this Quiz

Folk Music 0004Folk Music 000401.02.09View this Quiz

Jazz Music 0001Jazz Music 000101.02.09View this Quiz

Jazz Music 0002Jazz Music 000201.02.09View this Quiz

Jazz Music 0003Jazz Music 000301.02.09View this Quiz

Jazz Music 0004Jazz Music 000401.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0001Pop Music 000101.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0002Pop Music 000201.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0003Pop Music 000301.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0004Pop Music 000401.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0005Pop Music 000501.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0006Pop Music 000601.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0007Pop Music 000701.02.09View this Quiz

Pop Music 0008Pop Music 000801.02.09View this Quiz

Promenade Concerts 0001Promenade Concerts 000101.02.09View this Quiz

Religious Music 0001Religious Music 000101.02.09View this Quiz

Traditional Dance Music 0001Traditional Dance Music 000101.02.09View this Quiz

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