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Miscellaneous Quizzes

This page lists the free, printable Miscellaneous pub quizzes from QuizArea. Each quiz can be downloaded and printed along with quizzes on many other subjects. To view quizzes you first need to click on the row of links below this paragraph in order to select your Quiz Type. You will then be given a list of Miscellaneous Quiz Titles from which you can choose whichever you like.
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Multiple Choice | Anagrams | Ordered Lists | Word Searches
Each Anagram quiz consists of 10 sets of jumbled letters that have to be rearranged into correctly spelled words on the theme provided.  Our recommendation is to use Anagrams (in conjunction with Ordered List and Wordsearch quizzes) to form the middle section of a compilation.  Typically two or three of these light-hearted quizzes will be used for a “Break period” that does not require a quiz master.  They are often sandwiched between the Multiple Choice quizzes that form the bulk of the quiz entertainment.
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Sorry, there are no Anagrams for Miscellaneous at present.

Please e-mail us if you would like quizzes of this type and we will then give these our priority - thanks.

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