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Hymns 0002   Difficult

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1. Who is regarded as the "father of English hymnody"?
Charles Wesley
Isaac Watts
John Wesley
Robert Kirkham

Charles Wesley wrote more hymns but Watts was regarded as the starting point

2. When did the Church Of England finally accept hymn singing?

3. From which publication does present-day English hymnody date?
"Hymns & Spiritual Songs" 1719
"Hymns Ancient & Modern" 1861
"The Yattendon Hymnal" 1899
"The English Hymnal" 1906

4. What is the next line in the hymn "Jesus loves me! This I know" by Anna Warner?
And the Bible tells me so
For the Bible tells me so
Now the Bible tells me so
Once the Bible told me so

5. In which year did George Bennard write the hymn "The Old Rugged Cross"?

Composed in Albion, Michigan in 1912 by the Rev. George Bennard

6. At whose memorial in 1968 was "Softly And Tenderly, Jesus Is Calling" played?
Enid Blyton
John Steinbeck
Martin Luther King
Robert Kennedy

King's memorial service was at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta

7. Who wrote the Christmas hymn "See Amid The Winter's Snow"?
C F Alexander
Charles Wesley
Edward Caswall
Phillip Brooks

8. Where was the writer of the hymn "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" born?

Joseph Scriven was born in Dublin but subsequently settled in Canada

9. "All people that on earth do dwell" - how should they sing, according to the hymn?
To the Lord with cheerful voice
To the Lord with cheery voice
To the Lord with happy voice
To the Lord with heartfelt voice

10. Who wrote the hymn "Tell Me The Old, Old Story"?
George Herbert
John Henry Newman
John Newton
Katherine Hankey

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