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American Politics 0001   Easy

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1. Which two political parties traditionally contest American elections?
Congress and Senate
Democrats and Liberals
Democrats and Republicans
Liberals and Republicans

2. The two American Houses of Congress comprise the Senate and which other?
The House Of Deputies
The House Of Lords
The House Of Parliament
The House Of Representatives

3. Who served as President of the USA between 1993 and 2001?
Al Gore
Bill Clinton
George Bush senior
Jimmy Carter

4. At election time, which American state has the most electoral votes?

5. Which American President resigned from office in 1974?
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon

Nixon was succeeded by his Vice-President, Gerald Ford

6. What size of majority did George W Bush achieve in the 2004 Presidential election?
2 electoral votes
12 electoral votes
35 electoral votes
127 electoral votes

Bush won by 286 votes to 251

7. From which state did American President Jimmy Carter originate?
New Mexico

8. Who won 266 electoral votes at the US Presidential election of November 2000?
Al Gore
Bill Clinton
Colin Powell
Dan Quayle

Gore lost by 5 votes to George W Bush

9. Who contested the USA Presidential election in November 2004 for the Democrats?
John Berry
John Kerry
John Perry
John Terry

10. Who was sworn in as California's Governor in November 2003?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Charlton Heston
Clint Eastwood
Harrison Ford

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