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1. Which Coronation Street character stole Rosie Webster's car last week?
Peter Barlow
Chesney Battersby-Brown
Tyrone Dobbs
David Platt

2. Singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie appeared at the Cambridge Folk Festival last Friday. What nationality is she?

She was born in the Piapot Cree Indian reserve in Saskatchewan

3. It was revealed at the weekend that an Andy Warhol portrait of which singer is to be auctioned in New York?
Bob Dylan
Michael Jackson
John Lennon
Frank Sinatra

Prior to the sale the portrait will be on show at London's O2 Arena

4. Which female celebrity last week pulled out of the next series of Strictly Come Dancing after the BBC insisted the show's costs were to be cut by 30 per cent?
Emma Bunton
Charlotte Church
Sharon Osbourne
Esther Rantzen

So did Richard Madeley

5. Richard Briers has just announced that he will be making his final stage appearance next month in which Samuel Beckett play?
Happy Days
Krapp's Last Tape

6. Last week Peter Andre accepted 'substantial' damages from which newspaper over allegations he'd been unfaithful to his estranged wife, Katie Price?
Daily Mirror
Daily Sport
News of the World
Sunday People

7. Which US rock band returned from Europe to a tumultuous welcome at New York's Rockefeller Center last week?
Kings of Balboa
Kings of Cordoba
Kings of Leon
Kings of Toledo

Over 20,000 fan pass requests were made for the free performance

8. Which double act appeared in last Saturday's edition of the BBC TV game show Guesstimation?
Ant and Dec
The Cheeky Girls
The Chuckle Brothers
Dick and Dom

9. Which of Madonna's children is due to appear in the video for her new single Celebration?

10. In the Disney film G-Force released last month, Nicolas Cage provides the voice of Speckles, who is what type of animal?
Guinea pig

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