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Norfolk - Pleasure Beach at Great Yarmouth 0001   Mixed

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1. Which major road serves Great Yarmouth to the West and gets you to within a mile of the Pleasure Beach?

Now completely bypasses Norwich

2. The Pleasure Beach is billed as the most popular tourist attraction in which region?
East Anglia

Nearly 1.5 million people visit each year

3. What is the name given to Britain's largest nationally protected wetland that is close to Great Yarmouth?
The Broads
The Fens
The Flats
The Marshes

4. During which period is the Pleasure Beach completely closed each Winter?
December and January
November to February inclusive
October to March inclusive
September to April inclusive

Check before visiting - adverse weather occasionally closes the Beach

5. How many miles of sandy beaches can be found in and around Great Yarmouth?

6. What is the name of the rollercoaster that is ideally suited to a youngster's first rollercoaster ride?
The Big Apple Coaster
The Crooked Carrot Coaster
The Broken Banana Coaster
The Flying Fig Coaster

7. The Roller Coaster is the star attraction. What is very unusual about it?
Each train is extremely long
Each train only holds two people
Many trains on the same time
There are no brakes on the track

Braking is controlled by a seated operator in each carriage

8. How high will you be propelled if you dare to ride the Sky-Drop?
22 metres
24 metres
26 metres
28 metres

9. The Mulan is otherwise known as the Caterpillar for what reason?
It follows a meandering path
Riders get covered with a canopy
Riders usually go green
The ride itself is completely green

10. A Super Saver Wristband costing 15.00 gives you access to all the rides for how long?
1 hour
3 hours
5 hours
All day

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