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London - Westminster Abbey 0001   Mixed

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1. Westminster Abbey is situated opposite the Houses Of Parliament and next to which famous square?
Leicester Square
Parliament Square
Russell Square
Trafalgar Square

2. Opening hours for tourist visiting are what?
9.00am to 5.00pm
10.00am to 6.00pm
11.00am to 7.00pm
Varies each week

You are advised to check times in advance - there is an excellent Internet site

3. The Abbey derives most of its income for maintenance from which source?
Central government
Local government
Paying visitors and tourists
The Crown

4. The Abbey has been the setting for every what since 1066?
Royal Burial
Royal Christening
Royal Marriage

5. What type of place of worship is Westminster Abbey?
City Church
Parish Church
Royal Peculiar

As a Royal Peculiar it falls directly under the jurisdiction of the British monarch

6. In the days of the Anglo Saxon kings the church became known as the "west minster" to distinguish it from which church in the "east minster"?
All Saints Church
Christ Church
St Martin-in-the-Fields
St. Paul's Cathedral

7. Westminster Abbey has always been held dear to the British Monarchy. Why then, was the Monarch (King Edward) not present when it was consecracted in 1065?
He died a short time before
He was away fighting a battle
He had argued with the church
He was too ill to attend

8. In the Lady Chapel there is magnificent effigial monument for Henry VII and his queen crafted by which Italian sculptor?

9. Amongst the 3,000 people buried at Westminster there is one whose grave, close to the west door, has become a place of pilgrimage. Who is it?
Queen Elizabeth 1
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Winston Churchill
The Unknown Warrier

10. The Abbey is affectionaly called a "Place of worship, House of ........." what?

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