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London - Tate Modern 0001   Mixed

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1. The Tate Modern occupies a site on the South side of the Thames close to which bridge?
Blackfriars Bridge
Chelsea Bridge
London Bridge
Tower Bridge

2. What was the previous use of the building?
Power Station
Railway Station

It is the old Battersea Power Station

3. Tate Modern is one of four Tate Galleries. Which one of the following is NOT a real Tate Gallery?
Tate Britain
Tate Liverpool
Tate Mancheser
Tate St Ives

4. Tate Modern is the home of works from which date to the present?

Tate modern houses the national collection of international modern art.

5. When was the Tate Modern officially opened?

Opened on 11th May 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II

6. Adult admission costs how much ('s)?

Donations from visitors are needed to support the gallery's work

7. How did Sir Henry Tate (after whom the Tate Galleries are named) start his business career?
Apprentice agriculturalist
Apprentice grocer
Apprentice painter
Apprentice woodworker

Much of his fortune was derived from his patent to make sugar cubes.

8. The Tate collection started with just 65 works gifted by Henry Tate. How many works are now in the collection?
45,000 to 55,000
55,000 to 65,000
65,000 to 75,000
Over 75,000

9. A "Tate to Tate" tour involves a ride on which vehicle?
Tate Boat
Tate Bus
Tate Helicopter
Tate Limousine

The Tate boat is a state-of-the art 220 seat catamaran

10. Who painted the famous "Lady of Shalott" housed at Tate Modern?
James Collinson
John Constable
John Linnell
John William Waterhouse

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