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London - Science Museum 0001   Mixed

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1. What is the nearest tube station to the Science Museum?
Edgware Road
Mansion House
Oxford Circus
South Kensington

2. The Museum is closed for only three days each year - which three days?
Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26
Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 31
Dec 24, Dec 25, Jan 1
Dec 24, Dec 25, Easter Day

Opening hours are 10.00am to 6.00pm

3. Which group of people have to pay for admission?
Adults and children
Nobody has to pay

Admission is free for all

4. On how many different floors can you view exhibitions?

5. In the basement you will find a dazzling array of gizmos and gadgets. What is the name of this exhibition?
Guess What It Is
Home Essentials
How Would We Manage Without It
The Secret Life of the Home

6. The museum contains the fifth and final Black Arrow to be built by Britain. What were the Black Arrows?

Enabled Britain to become the 6th nation to launch its own satellite.

7. In the Time Measurement display you can see Wells Cathedral Clock. What is special about this?
Largest church clock ever
Most complicated clock in existence
Most expensive church clock ever
2nd oldest clock in England

Built in 1392 and fitted with a pendulum and anchor escapement in 1670

8. The museum owns many articles from which famous computer pioneer?
Bill Gates
Charles Babbage
Clive Sinclair
Larry Page

Babbage (1791-1871) never did manage to build one!

9. What is the "In Future" exhibit?
Things can will never happen
Things that have already happened
Things that might happen
A game

With other visitors you can decide whether new technological developments should or should not go ahead

10. What is the Rosse Mirror exhibit concerned with?
A laser
A microscope
A telescope
A weapon

For 50 years in the 1800's this was the largest telescope in the world

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