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London - British Museum 0001   Mixed

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1. The British Museum is within easy walking distance of several underground railway stations. Which of these stations is NOT close by?
Russell Square
Tottenham Court Road

2. How much is the entrance fee ('s)?

"Free to the world since 1753, the British Museum houses one of the greatest collections of human cultural history".

3. What is the attitude of the Museum towards photography for private purposes?
Never permitted
Seldom permitted
Permitted with written consent
Almost always permitted

4. "Eye Opener" tours are given most days. How much does it cost to join one?

The tours provide insights into 10 different world cultures

5. Which of these can be found at the Museum?
First known image of Christ
First known cave paintings
First painting by Leonardo Da Vinci
First sculpture by Auguste Rodin

6. The Africa 05 exhibition has objects dating back how far?
80 thousand years
180 thousand years
1.8 million years
18 million years

Stone chopping tools from Olduvai Gorge

7. The Museum holds a very rare collection of drawings by which famous painter?
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali
Vincent Van Gogh

He never intended the drawings for public display

8. Which famous crime writer has an exhibition in the Museum that features archaeological objects that they uncovered?
Agatha Christie
Julian Symons
Ruth Rendell
Stef Penney

9. What is unique about the exhibition "Mummy: The Inside Story"?
Best preserved ancient mummy
Oldest mummy in existence
Only mummy from Sweden
It can be "Virtually unwrapped"

10. The Museum contains objects of great artistic merit that were crafted by which invaders from Scandinavia between about 800 and 1100 AD?
The Anglo Saxons
The Normans
The Romans
The Vikings

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