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Days Out

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Lancashire - Camelot at Charnock Richard 0001   Mixed

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1. Camelot is most often associated with which legendary king?
Alfred the Great
Edward the Confessor
Richard the Lionheart

2. Camelot is situated just off the M6, between which two junctions?
22 and 23
27 and 28
32 and 33
37 and 38

3. What is the daily entry price ('s)?

Alternatively a season pass gets you in every day of the year that they are open for 55.00

4. Merlin invites you to the castle to watch his magic shows and participate in what?
Elves' balloon blowing
Gnomes' card tricks
School of wizardry
Witches' tea party

Youngsters are taught Merlin's "Tricks of the trade"

5. Where are the daily jousting tournaments held?
Avalon Arena
Castle Courtyard
Knight's Battlefield
Round Table Meadow

6. Which group of people were allegedly allowed to joust?
Anyone who had fought for the King
Anyone with the King's permission
Knights only
Soldiers in the King's army

7. Young members of the family might love to be scared where?
Caves of Scares
Dungeons of Doom
Frights of Knights
Prisons of Punishment

8. Older children will certainly be scared on what?
The pack
The rack
The sack
The track

9. Everyone is guaranteed to get a soaking how?
On Camelot Crescendo
On Doomsday Drop
On Pendragon's Plunge
On Quicksilver Slide

10. What type of animals have their own featured area?
Farm animals
Zoo animals

Many of the animals at Squire Bumpkins Farm can be handled and fed

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